Guerlain Self Tan

Enjoy a luxurious summer radiance all year round with a high end Guerlain self tan. Whether you’re looking to build up a natural tan in the colder winter months or to maintain your summer or holiday tan, here you can discover soothing formulas that work to activate, intensify and prolong your natural glow. If you’re a fan of the naturally tanned look, a Guerlain self tan is a must have in your skincare collection. Guerlain’s high end serum formulas work hand in hand with the natural melanin in your skin, stimulating melanin production while moisturising your skin. With a soothing and softening effect, a Guerlain self tan treats your skin as it tans - allowing for a natural looking tan that lasts for longer. For a variety of high end self tanners, be sure to explore the full collection at JP Pharmacy. Whether you prefer a self tan lotion, a wash off fake tan or an easy to use self tan mousse, you can explore a variety of options to give you a beautifully bronzed look.

Guerlain Self Tan
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